What is Camel?



No stamina,None Camel:It will go through three different stages,each of which will give Camel more power.
1-Phone num+Address join mining
2-Presell After mined
3-Decentralize transactions after Presell



Camel has 3 simple functions:LP purchase+reflect+burning,In every transaction,There will be a 10% fee
5%Fee=LP purchase increase liquidity
4%Fee=Reflect to all current holders
1% Fee=Burning Camel



Purpose Quantity %
Gross 10,000 Trillion 100%
Mining 550 Trillion 5.5%
Presell 200 Trillion 2%
Transaction 200 Trillion 2%
Burning 9,000 Trillion 90%
0.1% developer,0.4% extend

I want mining Camel!

1.Click once a day at any time to mine 100 million Camles per person;For each person you invite, you can add 50 million Camels everyday;If the person you invite is invited again, you can add 25 million Camels everyday.

2.The mobile phone number will receive the verification code when the Camels are withdrawn to the wallet. If the verification code is not received, the withdrawal cannot be completed.(Withdrawal will be opened after presell)

3.Address is base Huobi Eco Chain,If the address is wrong,the withdrawal of Camels will not belong to you.

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